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I like my morning coffee…paleo-style

Coffee Beans..just not always black and reliant solely on the flavor of the bean.  It is difficult to find unaltered, non-processed additions to the morning ‘Joe’.  The creamy texture we desire is usually the result of a fat-based components, or worse, artificial fat substitutes that fall way off of the healthy spectrum.  The following is my recipe for my morning coffee flavor promoter:

-1 Can organic coconut milk (not light).  Be wary of added thickeners (carrageenan etc.)

-2 Tablespoons organic pure Cacao powder

-1/2 Tsp. organic vanilla extract OR ½ Tsp. organic vanilla bean powder

-¼ Tsp pure stevia (optional for those who must have sweeter flavor)

Place all ingredients into micro-blender, blend for minimum of 2 minutes.  Keep stored in refrigerator and add 1-2 Tbsp to each 8oz. coffee.